VILE: VI Like Emacs

vile is truly one of the most beautiful creations ever to grace this universe; it sits among the likes of the Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, and apple pie. Life without vile would almost be pointless, it would certainly be a lot less fun.

I have written something on my view of the pre-history of vile which you may find interesting.

Get vile from the vile ftp site or the mirror.

Please take a look at the Official vile page and Brian Moore's Web site --it is more informative than this one.

Take a look at some vile images.

You may want to take a look at my dot-files:

This is your stock .vile.keywords, nothing really special here.
My .vilerc is fairly long. It is not really well commented, I will try to fix this in the future. Please enjoy it, however.
OK, I did all this before perl was embeded into vile. In order to get the functionality I needed from vile, I had to call make(1). This is the file make uses to do things like call LaTeX, dvips, etc. for me. It also has a nifty perl script to underline all the misspelled words in your vile buffer. The LaTeX perl script looks a little funny; its purpose is to reformat TeX-style error messages into C-style error messages so I can step through them inside vile :)

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